Imagine what that will be, work through your struggles, and create a plan.

I craved a virtual world long before it became a thing.  Women need support, growth, and opportunity, without needing childcare.  So here we are dreaming together of a community of empowered women.


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I am a certified life coach with a background in sales and marketing.  
From a behind-in-rent, pre-diabetic, single mom to healthy and living life as an entrepreneur, I help people identify the goals that matter most to them and create the daily habits to get there, all while working on the belief that they are so incredibly worthy of a life they love.  I created the Dream Dash workbook, work with clients 1:1 and in groups, and am writing my first book with a goal publish date of Spring 2025. 
I believe that there is a connection between physical and mental strength, that movement is life, and that support is essential.  You can usually find me with my teenaged children, in my garage gym, at the beach, or empowering women and cheering them on while they learn to shine in this world.


Resources to live a life you love.

1:1 Coaching

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Hype Community

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Dream Dash Workbook

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"I was going through an issue with a family member. With the help of Erin, I was able to settle my mind by refocusing on the facts of what was happening. Erin is patient, a great listener and offers tools to help you get through tough stuff. Most of all she genuinely cares."


 Julie G.

"Erin has walked me through steps to help me focus on the things I want to do but most importantly help me understand the WHY behind the dreams and goals. The decision I made to allow Erin in my life has most definitely changed my life in ways I never thought because she takes the time to ask the hard questions."

Tierra T.

Small actions can make a big impact

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